WMS Profile

West Middle School Profile

Located at 1401 West Grand Avenue, West Middle School, a school-wide Title I school, opened its doors in 1961 and currently serves all sixth and seventh grade students in Ponca City. West's vision is "To be an innovative, nurturing, supportive environment, which promotes positive self-concept and ensures social and academic success."

West Middle School is doing great things! With an emphasis on individual student growth, interventions, and effective instruction, West Middle School is primed to increase student achievement. We believe an effective collaborative relationship between all stakeholders leads to increased student success within the school and community.

West Middle School believes in the team-teaching concept and has divided students into three, sixth grade teams and three, seventh grade teams. Each team teacher teaches the core subjects English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Team teaching fosters student learning, creativity, and potential in a cooperative atmosphere by keeping students in one group.

Early identification of students in need of intervention is critical to student success and important to all staff. Students have access to the reading lab so that individualized needs can be met regardless of a student's current reading level. Students also receive assistance in the Math, Math Plus, and Reading classes. Frequent student assessments, and the use of reliable data provide teachers with better information to address individual student needs and provide a stronger curriculum. Students unsuccessful on an exam are remediated and reassessed for mastery.

Required courses are English, Science, Social Studies, and Math. In addition, students rotate through exploratory classes - Art, physical education, teen living, keyboarding, leadership, and technology education. Students who need support in reading are place in a Reading class as an elective. More opportunities are offered including, Advanced Placement courses, special education, Title I and Title VII programs, and guidance/counseling services are also provided. Extracurricular activities such as Recycling Programs, Instrumental and vocal music, and field trips are also available and promoted. The use of technology is widespread throughout the curriculum at West, with access to three computer labs, 2 wireless mobile computer labs, 3 iPad mobile labs, ,2 chomebook carts per team, and 2 Neo2 labs. All Title I reading and Math classes are 1 to 1 with classroom dedicated carts. Promethean Boards are utilized within all classes. There are also video cameras for special projects and many more technology opportunities.

Community involvement is very important at West. Student community projects include: Salvation Army, Domestic Violence, Hospice, and Special Olympics. West Middle School's "Partners in Education" are Albertson's Warehouse, Wal-Mart, and Pemberton Chevrolet. They provide school supplies and other supports for students at varying times throughout the year.

Staff, students, and parents focus on the "Pyramid of Success" program with each child at West. Parents are asked to sign a contract with their child and the team to support their child's education. Students are provided time at the end of each day to receive additional help with assignments and/or homework through the advisory program. Parents receive weekly progress reports from teachers if their child is falling behind.

The staff at West Middle School is working hard to achieve their mission of "ensuring the academic success and positive self-image of all students."